Encourage. Educate. Enable.

We empower entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector to reach their full potential.

More than 60% of the population in Sub-Saharan Africa is involved in agriculture, yet the full potential of the industry remains untapped and food security is an elusive goal. As smartphone adoption continues to accelerate, farmers are starting to access better education, markets and services to help them grow. We are proud to be a part of this movement.

Our Model

1. Community

We host an online community of current and aspiring farmers featuring free educational resources, community discussions and one-on-one expert advice.

The eLengo community is over 30,000 members strong and is growing every day!

2. Online Training

Our agriculture courses cost an affordable $9.99 USD and include 3-4 hours of video training, a manual and a support group. We have had thousands of satisfied students in a matter of months!

We are creating and launching new courses monthly.

3. Marketplace

Our marketplace is one of the most popular sections of our community.

Hundreds of input/service providers and farmers are using eLengo to connect, buy, and sell everything from chicks to equipment to farm land.

Our Impact

Creating a social impact is at the heart of everything we do at eLengo, and our positive impact will always grow along with our business. All of our hard work revolves around our theory of change:

To create economic empowerment opportunities and improve the livelihoods of our online agriculture community and students.

We align with several of the United Nations Sustainable Development goals including, but not limited to: No Poverty, Zero Hunger, Quality Education and Decent Work & Economic Empowerment.

Our team has spent countless hours designing and implementing our impact measurement framework and we are starting to see very positive results!

About Us

After Chris Janssen's first social enterprise (Textbooks for Change) become profitable and sustainable, he decided to embark on a greater challenge with his co-founder, Ian Suttie. After six months, thousands of interviews with members of the agricultural supply chain, starting our very own poultry farm and launching numerous minimum viable products, the idea for eLengo started to flourish.

"Lengo" translates to "target" or "goal" in Swahili, and we want every eLengo member to reach for and attain their goals.

The eLengo team has a breadth of experience and expertise to handle the long journey ahead. Our team has founded successful social enterprises, held various executive level positions at scaling technology companies, possesses over 30 years of software development experience and maintains a deep knowledge of the agriculture sector from years working within the supply chain.

Meet a few members of our growing team!

Christopher Janssen

Founder & CEO

Ian Suttie

Founder & CFO

Peter Wainaina

Community Growth


We are always looking for strategic partners who can help accelerate our dream to create a

poverty-free world through quality education and entrepreneurship.